3 Last minute Halloween Hairstyles

We only have 2 more days until Halloween which means we need to figure out what we want to be! Hair can instantly transform any outfit which is why I wanted to put together 3 last-minute Halloween hairstyle ideas using Just For Me. I’ve been using their products for a couple of months now and we love it! It keeps her curls bouncy, soft and tangle-free which helps me comb her hair easily and quickly.  Here are 3 styles that are so easy to do using our favorite JFM products.

Lion Cub 
This style was effortless to put together! Start by spraying the hair with Just For Me Hair Milk, Leave-In Detangler. This product is perfect for detangling and preventing breakage. After spraying throughout, brush the curls out making the hair full. Comb the hair forwards so you can create a huge afro. You may also blow dry the hair forwards to pump up the volume. Add a little black liner to the nose and lips for the cutest lion cub.

80’sI’m a huge fan of the side pony from the 80’s. I rocked it all through elementary school days. For this hairstyle we used Just For Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Crème. It’s ideal for smoothing edges and adding shine. LS still has a lot of baby hair so we love this product to lay down her fly aways. Sweep the hair to one side adding a significant amount of edges crème. Hold the hair with an elastic and tease the remaining hair in the pony with a hair pick. Add a fun leotard, leg warmers and a headband for an instant 80’s aerobic girl look.

Princess LeiaStar wars is making a big come back this Halloween which is why princess Leia is a great option this year. We used a mixture of Just For Me Hair Milk Curl Perfecter and Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Crème to control frizz and lay the hair down to each side. After parting the hair down to each side, use an elastic to tie the hair as close to the ears as you can. You want your side buns to sit very low. Once the hair is in a ponytail, spread two pieces apart and twist them together until you reach the bottom. Begin to roll the hair around until it forms a bun. Secure the bun with a bobby pin for an instant star wars princess look.

Thanks for reading and we hope you get to try some of our last minute Halloween hairstyles.  If you follow along on Instagram then you know about our #5FingerChallenge. Don’t forget to nominate your friends to put Just For Me products and their detanglers to the test on your little one’s curls! Hashtag your posts with the #5FingerChallenge so we can scout your routine.

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LS and Sai

*This post is sponsored by Just For Me, a product of Unilever

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