6 Holiday Hairstyles For Curly Kids

Curly hair is not easy! Many people think we wake up with bouncy, fluffy curls but they are so wrong! Kids sleep so wild and LS usually rises with a fro that resembles a bird’s nest. Although it may seem intimidating, it’s very easy to pull it all together so long as you have the right products. We teamed up with Just For Me to show you all how to pull off 6 easy holiday hairstyles. I used Just For Me, Hair Milk Curl Smoother and Just For Me, Hair Milk Oil Moisturizing Lotion for all hair styles shown. The Hair Milk Oil Moisturizer is perfect for hydrating and strengthening while the Hair Milk Curl Smoother defines and controls frizz with an added touch of Shea Butter.

Here are 6 of my favorite hairstyles accented with Scout’s favorite hair accessories. Tell us how you plan on styling your child’s hair this season!

Bow Tails 

This is my favorite hairstyle! I think it makes every kid look so adorable that you want to pinch their cheeks. Divide the hair in half. Add your favorite Just For Me products and work throughout the hair. Pull each section into a effortless bun so they both sit at the top of the head but inline with the ears. Add a clip bow to each bun and you’re all done!

High Ponytail

This is my go-to style especially when the hair needs to be washed. Brush the hair upward and gather into a high ponytail. Fluff out the curls (you can use a pick) and add your favorite bow headband. Finish with Just For Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Créme  and you’re instantly ready for a holiday party.

Princess Top Knot

Very similar to the high ponytail but only bring the hair halfway through the ponytail holder on the last pull. Add pins to keep the loose hairs tight. We added a sparkly crown to give a holiday princess effect.


Pressed for time? Go with an all natural style. Add a little JFM Hair Milk Oil Moisturizing Lotion to hydrate the curls then use a pick or your hands to separate the curls. Once you reach the desired look then push the headband onto the front of the head, removing the curls out of your child’s face.

Princess Side Twist

I adore this style! The side twist instantly transform Scout’s face. Part the hair down the middle and twist each side into a low ponytail bun. Pin the twist to hold and tighten them. This look is so chic and princess like plus its super simple to pull off.

Side Swept Curls

I did a tutorial on this a while back. This style is beyond easy and works perfectly with almost any outfit. I prepped the hair with Just For Me Hair Milk-Leave-In Detangler to keep the curls flexible throughout the day. Push half of the hair to one side but start at the middle of your hairline and add the first pin, continue to add the pins until you get the desired tightness. You may or may not use a brush but I personally don’t like to brush out the curls with this style.

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*This post was sponsored by Just For Me, a product of Unilever.

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