6 Kids Sneakers Women Can Wear

Woman who wear a women’s size 8 and smaller can really benefit from shopping in the children’s section. While recently shopping with LS, I noticed a pair of sneakers in the girls section that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. To my surprise, I tried on a youth size 6 and they fit like a glove. Not only did I score a cute pair of sneakers but I also saved money! I wanted to share a few secrets on how this works.

Here’s The Scoop:  Youth shoes are two sizes apart as well as the same size as men’s.  So a youth size 6 is a men’s size 6 and a women’s size 8. Most of the options go up to a size 6 or 6.5 in youth. Anyone who wears a women’s size 7 and smaller have way more options. Below is a size converter chart incase any of this is confusing.


I hope you find a pair you love!



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