How To Prevent Bed Hair


We all know how difficult it is to prevent bed hair. If you’re not careful, you and your kids will wake up to a nice birds nest forming in one part of your head. I have been dealing with this issue for years and wanted to share my night-time regime that I perform on Scout as well as myself.

  1. Satin: Invest in a satin pillow case or bonnet. I personally do not wear bonnets to bed and my daughter will not keep one on so I opt for a satin pillow case. This fabric has been known to eliminate frizz and keep the hair smooth while you sleep. It’s also great for the skin if you’re a side sleeper.
  2. Sleep with dry hair: I can’t tell you how many times my friends put their girls to bed with wet hair. Stop doing this! Hair is more prone to breakage and splitting when it’s wet. Make sure to add a leave-in conditioner and diffuse the hair dry before bed time.
  3. Wrap it up: Loosely pull your hair back into a loose pineapple and secure it with an old school satin scrunchie. This will ensure your locks stay tangle free.
  4. Conditioner: Use a leave-in-conditioner on the hair before going to bed. Also keep the hair moisturized. I personally prefer to add coconut oil to dry hair before I pull it up into a pineapple.
  5. The Morning After: So it’s the next morning and your curls aren’t as bouncy as you like. No sweat, try spritzing them (using a water bottle) and adding your leave-in conditioner to the needed areas. If you have particular pieces that are extremely frizzy, you can wet the area then brush out the section with a “wet paddle brush” followed by diffusing to dry.

I hope these simple steps can help prevent your bed hair. Thanks for stopping by!


Ls and Sai

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