Mommy Daughter Style


Having a mini clone is literally the best thing ever. Looking into a little face that looks so much like your own is just fascinating. Scout was bald when she was young so I had no idea that she would have hair that is identical to my own. As she got older, I became more enthralled with kids clothing. I quickly realized I could find most of my outfits in a miniature size! This is when our fashionable mommy daughter bond began.

While scouting through Brooklyn we kept it stylish yet comfortable. LS has been head over heels for dresses lately and so have I! She’s wearing a multi-color piece designed by How To Kiss A Frog a brand based out of Stockholm. I’m in love with everything they carry! I kept it simple with a new pair of white denim from cotton on, a One Grey Day sweater and we both finished the look with Laer Leather jackets. I think we pretty much wear these jackets everyday! I always invest in a nice leather jacket because I tend to wear it to death! It’s such a versatile piece and I highly recommend Laer because it’s more affordable than others and long-lasting.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you get inspired by today’s style


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Photography by Lydia hudgens

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