Four Easy Breakfast Toast Recipes

Almost every trendy brunch spot in New York City has a version of the popular “avocado toast” offered on their menu. Most of the time, two pieces of bread and an avocado can cost you around $11. Nowadays everyone is looking for a delicious and healthy option to fill their tummies. I decided to experiment with this healthy breakfast trend and came up with four versions I have grown to love. Some are super quick to throw together when you’re in a rush (which is me all of the time!) and some require a little more effort. All are perfect a lazy weekend morning.

1. Avocado and Bean Sprout

Four Easy Breakfast Toasts


What You Need:
-1 piece whole wheat bread
-1 avocado
-bean sprouts
-chili flakes

What To Do:
1. As simple as it is, first toast your bread.
2. Next, mash your avocado with a fork. I tend to use about half an avocado for each piece of toast. I also like to leave mine with a few avocado chunks, but once you have it to the consistency you would like, spread it on your toast.
3. Lastly, finish with your garnish of choice. Today I topped my toast with bean sprouts and chili flakes. You can use whatever you like! Lemon juice, olive oil, tomato and just plain salt and pepper are all great choices!

2. Nutella and Strawberry

Four Easy Breakfast Toasts

What You Need:
-1 slice of Italian bread
– strawberries (or other fruit)
-Powdered  Sugar

What To Do:
1. The first step in all of these recipes is going to be the same, toast your bread!
2. Next, spread your nutella and add your fruit toppings
3. Last, top with powdered sugar! I love this as a treat, but if you would rather skip this step the strawberries and nutella are delicious all on their own!

3. Dinner for Breakfast

Four Easy Breakfast Toasts

What You Need:
-1 slice of whole grain toast
-2-3 tbsp refried beans
– 1 egg
– Olive Oil
– 1-2 tbps salsa
-1 tsp. fresh cilantro

What To Do:
1. First, heat your egg cooking pan! I place a small amount of olive oil in a pan over high heat.
2. I am sure you can guess what is coming next… toast your bread!
3. Next comes the refried beans. I just used a can but you can homemade these if you would like. Some prefer them cold, some like them hot. I chose to head mine in the microwave for a few seconds.
4. Now cook your egg. I just to cook mine sunny side up, but scrambled or poached eggs work just as well.
5. Last, top your Mexican meal inspired toast with salsa and cilantro!

4. Cucumber, Salmon and Chives

Four Easy Breakfast Toasts

Photography by Alex Eckford 

What You Need:
-1 slice of whole wheat bread
– 3 tbls cream cheese
-2 thin slices of smoked salmon
-1 tsp, chopped chives
-4 thin slices of cucumber

What to Do:
1. Toast your bread, yet again!
2. Spread your cream cheese! I used a plain flavor, but I have heard chives cream cheese tastes wonderful with this combination.
3. Add your cucumber, salmon and chives!

I hope you enjoy these delicious recipes!


London and Sai



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