My OtterBox Style

Brooklyn, NY

Symmetry Series

I have always been a fan of expressing my personality through clothing or accessories that I wear. My obsession for sleek phone cases started as soon as I got my hands on my very first cell phone. I went from bedazzeling it to painting my name all over the cover. Although I was having a great time in the creative department, sadly I was not protecting my phone from damage. My cases were usually not made well and usually broken by the end of the month!

Fast forward to now- A mom on the go who needs a product to enhance and protect the devices I use daily. I’m constantly creating and catching extraordinary moments which is why I reached for OtterBox, the number 1 selling case in the US.  OtterBox designs a wide range of fashionable symmetry series cases + patterns to compliment any outfit! Most importantly they keep your phone protected from kids who are constantly dropping them!

Sleek Protection

The new Symmetry Series offers a chic appearance and impressive protection without sacrificing style. This is the case for those seeking an extension to their personality but still securing their portables.

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*Thank you OtterBox for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% of my own.

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