Keep Singing

If you follow our digital journey on Snapchat then you know LS and I love a good dance party! We typically pump up the jams before bed to get our bodies loose and shake off anything that we might have went through from the day. It’s a chance to get our minds clear and to get ready for relaxation before bedtime.

I do this routine daily but I find it time consuming to keep up with a good playlist. Luckily I found the kids & family Spotify page. Now I can choose from categorized playlist and just press shuffle. The playlist are effortless and they have songs for bath time, driving and did I mention they have playlists in Spanish?

Moves Like Jagger

No matter if your kids have the moves like jagger or resemble odd jerking movements, Spotify’s playlist has you covered.


Whether you and your mini sing off key or harmonize like the Beatles, take time out to listen to music together. It’s a great bonding experience and creates memories.

*This post is sponsored by Spotify but all statements and opinions are 100% my own.

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