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I try my hardest to disconnect from my phone on the weekends but let’s face it, it’s hard! However, I have managed to control my time more wisely. My daughter currently has a YouTube obsession and I can never seem to get my phone out of her hands. She tends to drop and fling my phone like a frisbee which can be extremely nerve wrecking! I have been using OtterBox cases to secure my phone and withstand the daily abuse caused by clumsy moments.

OtterBox has a new limited edition case that is so cute I had to stock up. I wanted to introduce you guys to the Strada Series Limited Edition cases.

Strada Series Limited Edition is the premium leather smartphone case backed with OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection. This ultra-slim case is fashionable, chic and accented with metallic accents, ornate stitching and exclusive leather patterns. Even LS loved the look and feel of these cases!

These cases are sleek enough to blend in with your daily  outfits but built to protect your phone. I had to get more than one since LS loves to play games on my spare phone.

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Today’s post is sponsored by OtterBox but all opinions are 100% of my own.

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