Ballet Time

Manhattan, NYC

Traveling With Snacks

I always find myself scrambling to pick up LS from school, packing a snack and getting to ballet on time. I feel like a superhero in action every time I go through the process! LS has fellow students in her class that have nut allergies so I always have to keep that in mind when I pack her after-school snacks.

Since traveling to ballet can be a rush I typically throw a Skeeter Nut Free snack into her ballet bag and let her jump on her scooter so we can literally, roll out. We get to class with 15 mins to spare which means it’s “show and tell” snack time. The girls love to exchange notes on what their parents packed in their bag for snacks. Plus it’s nut free so I have no worries about the other children.

Since we’re constantly traveling or scooting around the city, I think it’s important to find snacks that can be packed and eaten easily. Skeeter Nut Free products are definitely some of her favorites.

Safe For All Kids

Skeeter Nut Free snacks are safe for all kids, easy to pack on trips or throw in your bag when you’re on the run. I give them to LS as treats when we’re traveling. She always gets so excited when she sees them peeking out of her bag. You can find a store that carries this product here. 

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