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Breakfast Eats In Brooklyn

I often find myself rushing out of the house in the mornings and completely forgetting to eat. Not grabbing a bite in the mornings can leave me feeling miserable and cranky which is why I always stop for food. When I’m not in the city, I’m running errands around Brooklyn and I wanted to scout a few of my favorite morning restaurants and cafes for you.

I typically gravitate towards yummy food or good coffee in the am. I also tend to take snapshots of my food because I just can’t help myself. I’m a huge OtterBox fan as you may have heard so I always have a few phone cases on repeat. I tend to change my cases according to my mood and oddly enough they matched my breakfast selections. I hope you get a chance to try some of these places the next time you’re in Brooklyn and don’t forget to add a little spice to your phone case with OtterBox.



I’m a big fan of steel cut oatmeal. It’s so good at The Steel Cart never disappoints. I found this tiny food truck/cart in Dumbo Brooklyn and it’s perfect for a grab and go oatmeal that’s filling and healthy!

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A plate of Huveros Rancheros never disappoints. It’s filling, full of protein and delish. Check out Pequena a Mexican restaurant in Fort Greene but beware, they don’t open until noon on the weekdays.

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There are so many places to go for great pancakes but if you’re in cobble hill, make sure you stop at Le Petit Cafe. The pancakes are fluffy and perfect to cure an craving you might have.

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My go to places for a quick coffee are Maison Kayser in Brooklyn Heights and Bluestone Lane in dumbo. Both carry graet coffee and bluestone also has matcha which is my favorite.

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  1. December 5, 2016 / 4:35 PM

    I love Le Petit Cafe! Super good food, super good prices, and the whole vibe in the garden is absolutely magical. Looking to try out the Steel Cart.

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