LA Weather

Los Angeles, CA


We went to LA for the holidays and the weather was beyond what I expected around this time of year. It was warm enough to wear shorts but cool enough to cover your arms with a sweater. Only in LA can get away with having your legs out in the middle of fall. It made the trip very enjoyable considering we didn’t have to bundle up in layers like we do in NY.

We kept things chic to cruise around the city and hop in and out of meetings. LS went with a pair of skinny denim and an off the shoulder top that gave her that cool girl look.

I currently have such a thing for denim rompers since they are chic and perfect for the warmer weather months. Below are a few of my favs for women and kids.




Sai: Sweater: H&M // Shorts: One Teaspoon // Bag: Gucci

LS: Denim: Zara // Shirt: Zara // Jacket: Rockets of Awesome // Sneakers: Adidas // Scarf: Levis

Photography by: Felicia Lasala

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