Pregnancy Update 20 weeks


It’s time for a little bump talk. I feel like I just told you all last week that we are expecting and now I’m 5 months pregnant. The time seems like it’s flying by and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m swamped with work or if it’s because of the little one that I’m taking care of everyday. Whatever it is, I think it’s time that I start planning the nursery and shopping for furniture.


I live in a duplex which has a lower level dedicated to LS. We built her a dream closet (actually it’s my dream) on one side followed by a playroom on the other. The playroom is filled with bright colors that resemble a daycare that regurgitated all over it. The colors are driving me crazy! I’m nesting and all I want to do is give everything away and start all over again. Of course, I know that I’m just insane but I just need a revamp before the baby gets here. Now that Scout is getting a little older it’s time I upgrade her space. I will be moving her bedroom from upstairs to downstairs and will keep you guys posted on my nesting madness.

New Body

So it turns out that I have obtained a new body and quickly. My boobs feel like bricks and I’m not exactly sure what my bra size is. All I know is that my hubby stares at my chest as if they were my eyes and I have to constantly call him out on it. It’s like the creepy guy who stares at you at the bar except this is the type of attention you actually like. My belly resembles a basketball except it’s flesh tone. I don’t remember being this big with the first pregnancy but they say the second one is completely different. I’ve started to feel the baby move but I actually feel like I’m stuck in a sci-fi alien movie. The movements are bizarre and the small thumps come when I’m trying to relax. I’m still not use to the movements and can’t help but feel like he’s trying to climb out of my belly button. I’m sure this feeling will only get stronger through out the pregnancy.


Remember how much I use to complain about my migraines on snapchat? Well I finally figured out what to do! My doctor originally prescribed me some medication since my migraines were debilitating. Unfortunately, I don’t like to take meds especially while I’m pregnant so I just tossed them to the side. I tried to write a food journal to see if I could figure out what triggered them but had no such luck. I tried everything from acupuncture to getting my eyes checked but still I was left with headaches that were so bad I would vomit. After three months of 30 hour migraines at a time I decided to push thru them at the gym. Lo and behold it worked! Apparently releasing endorphins aid in triggering a feel good hormone and helps pain messages not reach the brain. Sex can also help in triggering these messages but let’s face it, the first 3 months of pregnancy I was a raging lunatic that know one in their right mind would touch (poor hubby).

Ok I could ramble about my pregnancy update until I get carpal tunnel but I think you guys get it. I will keep you updated once I reach 6 months so let me know if you have any questions by commenting below. Thanks for reading!




  1. Paula
    December 6, 2016 / 9:31 PM

    Hi Sai!
    I just found out I’m pregnant too, so it’s nice to hear how your going through it!
    I’m so curious to find out how you came up with LS’s name, do you have any names in mind for bébé numero deux?

    • December 7, 2016 / 8:06 AM

      Hi Paula,

      Congrats hunny! I’m so bad with choosing names. LS actually had no name when she was born. I always liked the name “London” but didn’t think I would actually name her that. We all gathered around her in the hospital and my husband thought the name “Scout” was great and I agreed. So we asked her if she likes a few other names on our list and she let out a big yelp when we said “London Scout”. The rest is history.

  2. Jenesa
    January 3, 2017 / 10:44 PM

    Well LS sure was a smart newborn, she picked a great name for herself ??

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