Pregnancy Update // 32 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! The first time around felt like I was knocked up for two years. Nowadays, I’m so busy I can’t even keep track of the days that I have doctors appointments scheduled. I’m officially 8 months pregnant and wanted to keep you guys updated on my journey so let’s do this!

What’s Happening

The more I grow the more I wobble when I walk. I feel like an oompa loompa although I know I don’t look like one. The baby is head down which I’m excited about but literally every time he has the hiccups I can feel my entire vagina shake. I know that’s weird to admit but you guys know I’m like Dave Chapelle and “keep it real”. This is real life so why not talk about it, right? Not only is there an earthquake in my vagina everyday but it also feels like he might stick his hand out and say hi. I don’t remember this lower pressure the first time around but then again I think it’s something that we just forget.

OMG the bathroom breaks have got to stop! I was on set working with Refinery 29 this week and I probably took 32 runs to the bathroom during the shoot. It was unbelievable how much one person can actually pee. The whole situation is rather annoying but I get it, I’m creating a little human.

My belly feels so tight I can hardly breath sometimes. It usually happens after I eat or at night when I’m having Braxton hicks. I’ll be honest, I think I’m having Braxton hicks but I really don’t know. When I googled the symptoms they seemed about right so maybe my self diagnosis is right. My doctor ran a few test and said everything was kopastetic so I ran with it. I’m naturally laid-back and not into self-sabotaging or creating problems when there are none so unless my water broke, I won’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ve gained a total of 19¬†lbs thus far and now I’m packing on 4 lbs a month. I most likely will gain a total of 27 lbs which is great! The baby is weighing 4lbs and 8oz so far and If I carry to full term I will most likely have a 8lb baby. The thought of pushing out a baby that big is not my idea of fun. LS was only 5 lbs since she was a month early so I’m not sure how I feel about carrying until forty weeks.

My eating habits have not changed much. I still have a bit of a sweet tooth and I’m also working out three times a week steadily. I get full extremely quick so I usually just do a bunch of snacks throughout the day with tons of water.

I’m currently going through a nesting phase and I’m organizing my entire house. I’m obsessed with Scandinavian nurseries so I will keep you posted on a nursery reveal once everything is finished which won’t be for another month or so. Hopefully this baby stays put until I’m done with the house.

That’s a wrap for this months update. Thanks for reading!



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