Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks


36 Weeks

Well hello 9 months! Wow, this pregnancy has flown by and I can’t believe I’m due in 25 days! I think this will be my last pregnancy update before my little one makes an appearance and let’s just say, I’m not prepared. Before we jump into the symptoms, I also wanted to share a few photos of this Milly look that I took with my photographer George. I wanted to wear a body-con dress that would stand out and make me feel fab while I’m 9 months pregnant. We captured the perfect shots and I’m so happy with how they came out!

Aside from feeling fab in this photo shoot I still can’t believe that I have nothing prepared for the baby besides a bassinet. When LS was born my hubby tried to put her in a hamper with a pillow as if that was safe. It still makes me laugh that he thought a baby should be on a soft surface but first time parents do dumb shit. Although we are more prepared than the first time around, I’m honestly not stressed out. I have a sense of calmness about this pregnancy and feel like everything will workout exactly as it should. I’m working more now than ever and I’m still hitting the gym. Aside from the below symptoms, I’m going to enjoy the ride because who knows if I will ever experience this again.



Holy shit I’m itchy! I mean one minute I’m fine and the next minute my nipples feel like I’m going to scratch them off. I know this is TMI but I had to tell someone. I’m assuming that my colostrum is getting ready to come in but I’m so unbelievably uncomfortable and often find myself scratching my nipples in front of complete strangers. I feel like I have a bad case of poison Ivy. I have used Aquaphor as well as Calendula Salve to try and tame the itch but I have had no such luck. Any suggestions will be helpful.

  • Hangry

    My entire pregnancy I ate small meals. All of a sudden I’m starving and have cravings for things I never eat. I’m currently obsessed with Root beer floats and chocolate covered pretzels. I’m also craving wine so I’m looking forward to a few glasses after the baby gets here. I think I have eaten more this month than my entire pregnancy! I guess my body is burning extra calories so I probably need the food.

    The Baby

    The baby is positioned head down and I can feel him! If laugh or cough it literally feels like I’m squeezing his head. I literally feel like he might fall out at any given moment. To be honest, I know he will come early so I’m expecting him to make an appearance any day now but I’m so damn scared of labor that I don’t want to think about it. I waddle all over the place and have to pick my belly up so it won’t hurt so much when I walk. My lower pelvic area is extremely sore but I’m dealing with it as I know I don’t have much time left.


    What’s that? Seriously, I’m hardly sleeping. Between the extreme Braxton hicks and the lower pelvic pain it has made it so difficult to sleep. Did I mention I also take 3 bathroom breaks per night? Let’s just say, sleep is not my friend right now but the show must go on so I’m adapting and I just keep repeating that I only have a few more days left.

*Photography by George Elder 


  1. March 28, 2017 / 2:57 PM

    You look amazing! I wish you a smooth n easy labour.
    And I feel you! I’m 29 weeks with my second and I’m a bit nervous about the labour( doesn’t change even though we’ve done it once before) and am so ready to pop. I think I’ll be early too actually! Best of luck!
    Francesca xo

  2. March 28, 2017 / 5:48 PM

    This gave me a good chuckle (the itchy part lol), thank you! Wishing you a safe & happy delivery soon. Would love to collaborate one day! xx

  3. Andrinique
    April 5, 2017 / 2:56 PM

    Hi Sai,

    I am OBSESSED with Scout the City ! You’re authenticity is refreshing. It’s no wonder Scout the City has taken off in such a short time. have been being to start a lifestyle blog of my own since 2014 and have ben feeling like it would be just another blog out there ( there are SOOOOO many ) But, you have motived and inspired me to just do it ! ( ala nike ).

    I wish you a happy, easy birth and a healthy bouncy baby !

    Be Well,

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